Wendy Day, Founder, Rap Coalition -

"Having been in the industry for 18 years, I've seen and heard a plethora of music from new artists, but I have to admit that it's rare when something catches my attention! 

Not only is Skiddalz music great music for the masses, her image is genuine, real, and easy to relate to!  My second introduction to the world of Skiddalz was at a national industry convention, where she performed in front of over 1,000 judgemental DJs and jaded industry insiders.  She tore the place down!  They were on their feet whooping and hollering--it

was unlike anything I'd ever seen before.  I have the same gut feeling with Skiddalz that I had when shopping Eminem, Master P, and Cash Money.  I don't wonder when she'll get a

record deal, I wonder who will be smart enough to sign her!!" 


  –  (Wendy Day has done some of the most stellar deals in the urban music industry.  She has built a solid reputation for finding the best, most marketable talent, and negotiating great deals while looking out for the artists' best interest)

"Skiddalz got white girl swag. Through the roof wit it...... She damn sure got the stage performance and crowd control part down. She spittin too...."
– Chamillionaire, CEO of Chamillitary Entertainment, Grammy Award Winner

"Skiddalz’ record ‘OMG’ is hot! She has a lot of talent. Keep doin’ your thing, Skiddalz."

– Nelly, Universal/Derrty ENT. Multi-platinum selling artist

"Skiddalz has one of the best stage performances I’ve ever seen..."
– DJ Charlie Chan, RUN DMC/Da Brat Tour DJ; WHHL Radio DJ, World Famous St. Louis DJ  

"When you think of ‘different flavors’ you think of ‘Skiddalz’; you never know when she’s gonna melt, ‘cause she always stays hot!"
– Kyjuan, Member of the multi-selling group St. Lunatics, Universal/Derrty ENT. Artist

"Skiddalz is going to sell records like Lady Gaga and Eminem. The game needs an artist like her right now, plain and simple."
–Hardley Davidson, Multi-Platinum producer

"You did your thing on stage, Skiddalz!"
– Dolla, Late hip-hop artist best known for his single with T-Pain, "Who the F**k is that?" (Rest in Peace)

"They need to go to the Skiddalz School of Originality!" (In reference to American Idol contestants)
– Taylor J, Former Z107.7 FM & 100.3 KATZ-FM Program Director & Radio Personality

"When I first met Skiddalz she had just got done killin’ a performance at the Adams Mark Hotel in St. Louis." 
– Wally Beamin’, Multi-Platinum producer of Basement Beats


"Skiddalz, who has the distinction of being a white female rapper, proved she isn’t a fluke on her single ‘OMG’"
– STLToday.com News – Review on the Divas of Da Lou Concert

"Skiddalz is very talented. She will go a long way in music."
– Matthew Scott Krentz, Writer and Director of "Streetballers: The Movie"

"Skiddalz will bring hip-hop back. She’s the next greatest thing since Nelly and the St. Lunatics."
– Slo’Down, Former St. Lunatics member, Masked Hype-man

"She’s a go-getter. Skiddalz strives for what she wants while keeping it fresh and hot in the process!"
– DJ Daddy J, Member of the Derrty DJs/M-Pressive Radio,resident DJ at several St. Louis NightClubs/Former Z107.7FM Mix DJ


"Skiddalz is going to be a superstar."
– Chantell Overton, Ohhmyonline.net OhhMy Photographer (Clients include St. Louis Rams, Nelly, Chingy & more


"’OMG’ is a Top 40 hit!"
– DJ Sno, Member of the CoreDJs; Chingy’s Tour DJ; Resident DJ on WHHL 104.1FM STLHomeJamz


"I seen Skiddalz perform at the Young Dro Concert. She surprised the sh*t out of me! She can definitely pull an upset."
– excerpt from InBox Magazine Interview with RiverFront Radio

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